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Robert Shaw 9801i

$130.00 Released December, 2003

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Control both temperature and humidity from the same panel. Provides both automatic and manual controls for flexibility.

The Cons:Backlight shuts off too quickly. Poor manual. No home automation connectivity.

Many people have humidifiers built into their furnaces, but nearly all of them have a separate humidistat controller to manage it.  Why isn't the furnace, AC, and humidifier able to be controlled from a central point? It can!  The Robert Shaw 9800 series thermostats have a humidity sensor and can cycle the humidifier on and off appropriately.

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There are several options for humidity control, Manual or Auto, and with our without heat.  Manual mode just attempts to keep the humidity at the desired level, and with heat means the humidifier will only turn on when the heat is on.  Automatic mode can utilize an outside temperature sensor to determine the optimal level for humidity inside your home in order to prevent condensation on the windows when it gets cold.  Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows that this is a major problem, and it can destroy your woodwork on your windows and doors.

The unit is fully programmable for each day, or a range of days.  Each day can be split up into 6 time periods, and the user will choose the heating or cooling temperature, AND the fan mode.  There are 3 fan modes; on, auto, and intermittent.  Intermittent allows you to turn the fan on for a set period of time, and then turn it off for a set period of time.  Even though you may not need heat or cooling, it will cycle the fan to prevent the air from becoming stale in your house and if you use a good filter it will also keep the dust levels down.

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I do have a couple of complaints though:

- There seems to be no way to keep the backlight on all the time.  It will turn off a few seconds after the last button is pushed.  This is quite annoying as the LCD display is hard to read in low light, and when you press a random button to light up the display, it performs the action of the button immediately rather than just waking the display.

- There is no serial port, X10, or IP capability on it for remote monitoring and management.  Most people don't care about this, but for those that have home automation systems or are just plain geeky, this is a major shortcoming.

- The manual is severely lacking in technical information.  It has been dumbed down for the people that can't set their VCR clock.  While this is great for the people with low IQ's, it really sucks for the people who want to know exactly how the thing works and how to set the more advanced functions.

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    Control both temperature and humidity from the same panel

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    Provides both automatic and manual controls for flexibility

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    Backlight shuts off too quickly

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    Poor manual

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    No home automation connectivity

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