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Molo paper softseating


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Easily create unique shapes and seating arrangements. Not that expensive. Amazing to watch unfold.

The Cons:Don't get it wet, it's made from paper. Product not available even from sellers given on this page. Perhaps more of a novelty than a seat.

You've seen the video, now you can actually buy the product. Molo design has finally released their much-anticipated paper softseating system to the public. The material is 50% recycled kraft paper, a type of paper commonly used for grocery bags, envelopes and other packing material.

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Product Shot 2 The strength of the seating comes in the honeycomb structure, which has the doubling effect of strength and flexibility. The seating can be folded into a large 'book' and stored on a shelf or in a closet, and can be fanned out to create a stool, couch, chair or lounger whenever necessary. Each end of the piece has embedded magnetic connectors to attach together and form stools or interlink with other softseating systems.

The paper of the softseating system is not intended to be a short term novelty and thrown away after a few uses. The kraft paper actually gets better with age, softening the edges while still maintaining its structural integrity. Although the surface may dampen, the internal honeycomb design stays firmly intact. The system is fire retardant and complies with California's safety standards.

Sizing varies by diameter and height and ranges from 16 inches in diameter for a small stool to 84 inches in diameter to create a full out lounger. Height varies from 9 inches to 16 inches.

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    Easily create unique shapes and seating arrangements

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    Not that expensive

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    Amazing to watch unfold

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    Don't get it wet, it's made from paper

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    Product not available even from sellers given on this page

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    Perhaps more of a novelty than a seat

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Anonymous: #molo_paper_softseating This product is available at http://www.molostore.com/softseating-natural-kraft-paper-fanning-stool-bench.html

It is fire resistant

The textile version is resistant to water Mar 26, 12
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