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Mobelform Doc Sofabed


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Sofa to bunk bed, coolest thing ever. Larger version available. Guardrail and ladder included.

The Cons:The price is insane ! ! ! Difficult to transform from sofa to bunk bed. Price is incompatible with sofa-bed market.

The doc sofabed by mobelform is perhaps one of the most ingenious sofabed designs to come out since the sofabed itself. The sofa transforms into not one, but two twin beds stacked on top of each other - just like a bunk bed.

Product Shot 2 You can manipulate the sofa into place and retrofit a guardrail and ladder to prevent injuries. The sofa is upholstered with a metal base and looks like a contemporary sofa while in sofa-mode and once transformed, is
sure to satisfy a guest (or 2) with its effective design.

Dimensions: width - 83 inches x depth - 36 inches x height (bottom bunk) 20 inches/height (top bunk) 55 inches

The Doc also comes in a larger version - the Doc XL with the dimensions 97 inches x 29/55 inches.

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    sofa to bunk bed, coolest thing ever

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    larger version available

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    guardrail and ladder included

  • 12

    The price is insane ! ! !

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    difficult to transform from sofa to bunk bed

  • 4

    price is incompatible with sofa-bed market

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Anonymous: #mobelform_doc_sofabed Actually in UK they sell for $200-600 US - looks like the companies in America are trying to rip off their own people!! Sep 19, 13
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    Anonymous: So get me one and ship it to me.. I'll pay you to ship it....
    Sep 30, 14

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: America only knows how to rip off people, no prejudice. I hate my country. Nov 19, 14

Anonymous: #mobelform_doc_sofabed Stupid....price is so high nobody can even /get/ one. Oct 1, 12
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Amanie: #mobelform_doc_sofabed The guardrail only comes on one side so I think you'd need to keep this thing close to the wall (for the aforementioned friends). Jul 23, 07
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ruthers: #mobelform_doc_sofabed This sofa is crazy! I've never seen anything like it! Rather expensive though. Jul 23, 07
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GT-D: #mobelform_doc_sofabed If you've got friends that sleep over after parties and stuff all the time it'd be better then the usual pull out style. Though I suppose the top bunk isn't the safest for folks who have had a bit much to drink Jul 23, 07
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Erik: #mobelform_doc_sofabed Convertible sofa/bunkbed? Wicked. Maybe it's because I'm a twin, I have a softspot for bunkbeds. Not practical as an adult, but very cool. Jul 22, 07
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